Reva a grownup spinster was a working professional working in Multinational Company in Pune. She was 25 and a spinster so called single:) . She was very sweet . simple and a good looking girl yet was a shyful girl. Almost many of her colleagues were in relationship they used to often go on dates, night stands used to have breakups and used to indulge in other relationships easily . On the other hand Reva never cared about having an affair because she valued her family values most. she had a very conservative family an middle class family but this did not mean Reva was narrow minded as her colleagues portrayed her over their gossips at office canteens. tea breaks or during their leisure time. She was rather a well matured girl who was well determined with her life goals & about having an relationship she was clear to have a permanent long lasting relationship so she was single & she never showed any personal interest over her colleagues relationships as she thought that she has no right to interfere in anyone’s personal lives and moreover she never liked relationships that existed over temporary pleasures.

But yes Reva was also a young girl and she too had dreams about her partner. she was never a silly girl as some of her colleagues felt she was just shyful. she was single but that does’t mean no one proposed her she was proposed by many boys some were her classmates some friends but she did not mingle up with anyone not because they werent good but they were just not the way she dreamt about her partner. She had very sweet dreams about her partner which she wrote in her diary. she was a silent romantic person she dreamt of having someone as a partner who will be her best friend first than a partner because she believed friendship lasts forever even if love does’t . she dreamt about him as the one who always showed up whenever she felt sad, happy or whatever the mood was. she dreamt of having an partner who walked with her to fulfill all her wishes, dreams all this she hided from the whole world but always dreamt about him silently. As she was single her family started looking out marriage proposals for her. One after the one proposals started pouring in but for one or the other reason her marriage was not getting fixed either some rejected her or horoscopes did not match. Reva started staying very silent, she cried a lot as she went through many harsh comments from her relatives & they were not actually concerned about her but had no business like many other people out there other than troubling others. But Reva was very kind girl she did not said a word to them but kept writing her feelings in a diary dedicated to her dream boy. she was a strong believer of god & hence always prayed to have her dream boy as her husband. But as they say pure prayers of pure souls do not go waste so this is what true for Reva. She got married to Rishi, An entrpreneur who not only married her but became her best friend and walked with her to fulfill her dreams. And they both started living happily as best friends, as best companions & as best couples , as an ideal couples for other married couples who looked upon them as an inspiration of happily married life.

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