It’s a universal truth that no one is born perfect . Yet some people make sure to drag, to insult , to underestimate other people. I really feel pity for these people. You might be wondering why to feel pity for such people right? Well yes I feel so and it’s because they tend to forget the universal truth about “No one is perfect” which means they aren’t excluded but yet they confidently forget it & become body shamers or the loosers because they fail to see the good in others. They fail to see that everyone is born unique and each one is having some unique spark within. Guys you dont give guidelines as to how one should live their life? How one should look like? . Everyone is having their own definition of life & no one needs your approval. So stop making guidelines or stop judging others. The time you waste in setting guidelines and in judging others the same amount of time is used by them to make best of it for themselves and they are actually way ahead of you😊. So dear cheap and low minded people what do you think? You are perfect? If you are thinking in this way let me tell you …you are imperfect . Just because you have taken a dig at someone’s flaws or drawbacks or weaknesses or just because you yes only you thought that certain person is like this or like that. It doesn’t indicate you are perfect , you are smart. Infact problem is with you and not with them whom YOUand not THEY think that they are inferior or weak in any way. Problem is in your way of thinking. You are really having a narrow way of thinking. Yes you are having a narrow way of thinking that is why you tend to assume others as weak, you tend to make fun of them, you tend to underestimate them. But in anyway you had broader way of thinking you wouldn’t have done this to anyone. Your thoughts grow cheaper and cheaper every time you think of insulting or underestimating others and that’s the reason you carry narrow minded thoughts. It’s not only about the thinking process but also it’s about your image. Doing these things may sound very cool to you but have you ever thought what impact it has on the person going through these phases? They really find you cheap. They start disconnecting to you. They might be even your near & dear ones so if they lack attachment towards you dont blame them blame yourself. Their reactions are the result of your actions. You never know whom you think as weak or inferior may shine brightly in future. May do wonders which you personally never thought of you doing it or you never thought they may do it . But they will do it surely because they will prove you wrong . Because they will work on their brighter side & you will waste your time in becoming a negative chapter in their lives. All I need to say is dont tend to be a VILLAIN in anyone’s life instead try to be a hero & if it’s not possible for you to be a hero try to be a supporter , motivator and even if this is not possible then shut your mouth and watch how they excel without you 😎


Aparna Chavan 😍


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