🤔Use of mobile phone can be a reason for murder?
Use of technology has literally changed our lifestyle . Particularly it has lessened our person to person communication so much so that we have seen many people complaining about it but I was surprised when I learnt about a recent case . It is a case about gurugram A man killed his wife over a mobile phone . Yes he actually murdered her because she had become so addicted to it that she became negligent and ignorant about her own family. She was too much addicted to Facebook and whatsapp that she had stopped cooking or paying attention to her kids studies and also ignored her husband & always ended up quarelling with husband whenever he confronted her . Annoyed by this he sent his children to hostel in kurukshetra but somehow this did not change his wife . Frustrated by this He murdered his wife.but can literally this can be a reason for murder? Am shocked the way he has turned out to be a criminal by ruining his own life behind the prison. If a small effort of making her realise her own mistake would have turned out todays phase but unfortunately people are loosing their conscious level & acting in this way. Manage your priorities properly don’t ruin your life out of frustration or ego or anger think wisely & act wisely.😊

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