The word career is so important in our lives isn’t it? It is an inseparable part of our life right from the moment we take birth . Yes actually the word follows us right from our birth some families even decide about the profession or career that their new borns may pursue in future so pathetic isn’t it?. I personally feel that career is one’s area of choice and interest and one should go for it. It is something that is a never ending process if one chooses to wore it in their lives. I have seen and even heard parents pressurizing their children to choose career of their choice and not the one in which they are really interested to go on for it. The pressure on students to score is so much that education for them becomes stressful and more depressing I do not intend to say that one should’ t supervise and improvise on their academics. Yes academics is the very essence of living a mankind and good grades are also of utmost importance to many institutions, organisations but that does’t mean to stress oneself and moreover it does’t even state that the persons having good academic background are intelligent while others who have poor academic background are dumb . Yes each one of us is born with some unique skills. People with low academic background can possess some different skills which other good grade students may not for example they might be good in music, dance, sports or photography, painting etc so why not to support them in their areas of interest? there is a huge scope for career in this fields too . The only thing we need to do is to think by coming out of the comfort zone, thinking out of the box and to motivate, encourage and inspire people to choose their career with their choice and with their interests and there will be wonders .

I have even come across people who have switched over to other stream because they did not wish to stay there because they lacked interest in it. so what is the use of wasting your time, money or energy in something that you were never interested for better to do that which gives us satisfaction every area or every skill has a greater scope if we tend to achieve it sincerely . There is also something called career break this is something quiet common among women’s . Due to the family responsibilities many women’s have to opt for it there are also some other things that tend one to opt for career break. BUT CAREER BREAK is not an end of career yes its not an end trust me. There are many online, offline, work from home jobs or mini businesses that one can carry out. The gist is to make you believe that career is an never ending process and career is a beautiful journey. To design it is in our hands, To nurture it & to stand out of the crowd is in our hands BECAUSE CAREER IS A BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY


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